• John Gratto

Tuesday, April 26, 2022: Predjama Castle, the Soca River, Trenta Valley and WWI history

After spending the night at a nice little hotel in Bovec, we drove along the Soca River through the Trenta Valley. One of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the Soca is an important natural treasure in the Triglav National Park. It is famous for its deep emerald color and brisk rapids.

While the river is pretty and scenic, even more impressive is Predjama Castle, an amazing castle built into a mountainside.

Predjama Castle. April 26, 2022

Check out the caverns behind and below the castle

The Soca River in the Trenta Valley within Triglav National park of Slovenia

We traveled along the river to the village of Kobarid where I visited the World War I museum. The trip we roughly followed is a trip is a proposed Fulbright tour. It describes the museum as follows:

The Museum is dedicated to the events of the First World War on the Isonzo Front. It presents two and a half years of warfare in the Upper Soča Valley, and devotes particular attention to the twelfth Soča battle, known as the Battle of Kobarid. The Museum features numerous interesting exhibits, a relief model of the Soča River Basin, an extensive photographic archive, a model cave and a documentary film presenting one of the largest mountain battles ever fought.

My knowledge of WWI is admittedly a bit sparse. So, I was intrigued to spend about an hour in the small but impressive museum here. It was filled with pictures with captions about the significant battles that took place in this area. After driving along the very scenic roadway from Bovec to Kobarid, I was surprised to see pictures of the carnage and destruction that had taken place right here during WWI.

More of the Soca river

Since the weather was rainy, we decided to forsake the last planned day of our trip, a visit to Nova Gorica adjacent to the Italian border. Instead, we drove back to Zadar. Along the way, we saw this:

Most na Soci—the largest stone arch bridge in the world

Slovenia is definitely underrated. I would recommend going there because it is quite beautiful and scenic. Actually, that statement describes much of Europe.