• John Gratto

Friday, May 27th Goodbye to Rozana, Marin and my students

Updated: May 29

I have met many nice people while in Croatia. At the top of the list of people who have been helpful to me have been Rozana Petani, a professor in the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Zadar and my Fulbright contact, and Marin Perinic, the principal at the nearby Maritime High School.

Rozana has allowed me to co-teach a class with her, “Partnership of families and educational institutions”, introduced me to other colleagues at the University, suggested places to visit, and helped my wife, Joanne, with medial appointments. Marin gave me a tour of the Maritime High School, set up a doctor appointment for me, and invited me to speak with other principals from Zadar county.

Coca-Cola is the soft drink of choice in Croatia, It is hard to find Pepsi, my preference. When I visited with Marin at the Maritime High he offered me a Coke. My daughter, Stephanie, lives in Atlanta where Coca-Cola is headquartered. So, I ordered a personalized Coca-Cola bottle for Rozana and Marin and had her bring them with her when she arrived in Zadar yesterday.

A gift bag for Rozana. The most prominent gift was the personalized bottle of Coca-Cola

Marin, the principal at the Maritime High School, was pleased with his personalized bottle of Coca-Cola

I also gave Rozana and Marin a copy of my book which I hope they find useful.

Today was also the last time I met with my class at the University of Zadar. (The month of June is devoted to testing). Today, I presented a class on the topic of Parent Engagement Strategies and also taught another teaching strategy to these future teachers—Exit tickets.

To demonstrate how Exit tickets can be used as a formative assessment strategy, I had each of the quiet students state what they learned in the class before they could exit. When they did, I presented them with a little gift—a Virginia Tech flashlight. I enjoyed teaching them and they were also pleased with their gift.