• John Gratto

February 3, 2022- Travel to Zadar

Zadar, where I will be teaching at the University of Zadar to fulfill my Fulbright award, is about three hours away from the capital, Zagreb. Nina, my contact at the U.S. Embassy in Zadar, had arranged for a driver from the Embassy to pick us up from our hotel and drive us to Zadar. So, at 8:30 that morning we met Nina and the driver, Roman. All along the way, Nina filled us in on information we would need to know, info about Croatian culture, and answered out questions.

She also gave us gifts of U.S. Embassy coffee mugs and a couple of books about Croatian culture. One of the books, I had already read, “Chasing a Croatian Girl.” The second one was a sequel to that book and I read it over the weekend.

Gift giving and coffee drinking are embedded in the Croatian culture. I gave Roman a Virginia Tech key ring and Nina a box of chocolates from a local chocolate shop in my hometown of Plattsburgh, NY.

When we arrived in Zadar, Dino, the son of owner of the apartment met us and showed our new home until the end of June. Our 2-bedroom apartment is nice and is within walking distance of a market, numerous bakeries, the University of Zadar, Roman ruins, the sea, and several ancient Catholic churches.

This is the library at the University of Zadar