• John Gratto

February 28-March 1 Scenes of Zadar

Updated: Mar 2

The weather has remained a bit on the cold side—48ish, sometimes with wind, so we have mostly stayed inside. I spent the bulk of time working on a presentation that I will give on March 11th at the university. But I can only sit for so long without getting restless. So, I went on several long walks to get some exercise.

Since there is not much to report on, I will share with some of the pictures that I took as I walked around this historic city. This video (which I did not make) will also give you a good view of the city and where we regularly go on walks.

This guy keeps the streets in Zadar clean. Notice his broom and his very functional bicycle.

Kresimir Cosic was a native of Zadar and the first European drafted into the NBA-

the # 1 pick of the Portland Trailblazers in 1972

We lived in a walled city-a UNESCO World Heritage Site

People’s Square at Carnival time