• John Gratto

Wednesday, February 16: Planning travels and the Zadar Archaeological Museum

Updated: Feb 19

Our two-bedroom apartment is nice but we are getting restless. Mostly we have gone on walks around the Old City and to two beaches. There are many interesting places to explore. So, today we walked a couple of miles to the bus station were there is a car rental business, Sixt, which is popular in Europe. It is closed.

So, I spent some time this evening researching car rental options on the internet.

Mostly, though, I updated this website using Wix instead of WordPress. It is much more intuitive and therefore, easier to use.

To quell some restlessness and learn about the history of the area, I went to the Zadar Archaeological Museum today. The history of the area is fascinating. At times this area has been conquered by the Romans, threatened by the Ottomans, and damaged by Allied bombers during World War II. Zadar is the oldest inhabited city in Croatia. If you’re interested in knowing more, here is Wikipedia’s account of the history of the area.

Scenes from the Zadar Archaeological Museum