• John Gratto

February 15, 2022 Creating an Identification Card

The government of Croatia requires that foreign nationals, like me, get a personal identification card called an OIB. OIB means a Croatian Personal Identity Number. It is necessary to open up a bank account. Maja Kolega and her assistant at the University’s International Relations Office were very helpful to me in filling out the necessary paperwork to process my OIB.

It is a cold, rainy day here around 45 degrees. Except for two trips to the International Relations Office, I stay inside all day. At home, though, the temperature is near zero so I am not complaining.

Along the way, I pass by this shop. It is not open yet. I’m told that tourist season starts shortly after Easter. I’m looking forward to being a patron of this store. There are many fresh foods here such as figs and dates which I bought at the Farmers’ Market. But they will never take the place of Milky Ways and Snickers.

City of Candy shop