• John Gratto

February 14th: Meeting with the Department of Pedagogy faculty members and planning for a conference

Today, I met with seven members of the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Zadar. They were all very nice people. Of particular concern to them was the upcoming conference/scientific symposium that they will host on March 11th. The title of it is “Schools today, Schools Tomorrow.” They have done and will continue to do considerable planning for it.

Marija, the principal planner had asked me (via Rozana) to do a 30-35 minute presentation on a topic of my choice at that conference. I told them that I would like to present on “Educating Global Citizens for the 21st Century.” It is a topic that interests me even though I have never presented on it before. I will have to do considerable research on the topic to make an informative and valuable presentation. The audience will be professors from the University of Zadar, other universities in Zadar, and at least one professor from England.

I gave them each a metal Virginia Tech bookmark. It is kind of like a big paper clip in the shape of an apple, about 2” X 2”. Interestingly (at least to me) is the fact that one of the professors asked if the shape as an apple had any significance. In the U.S. we take for granted that an apple is a symbol of knowledge, education, and teachers. But, it had no significance here until I explained it.

Entrance to the Rector’s Building where the Department of Pedagogy is housed and where I will be working. It is about 100’ from the sea.