• John Gratto

February 13: A Walk to Plaza Boric Beach

Updated: Feb 23

Chuck Berry sang a very popular song, “No Particular Place to Go.” Well, that kind of described us today so we went exploring to an area that we had not yet explored. Crossing a pedestrian bridge over a bay, we walked north along the waterfront to a beach called Plaza Boric.

Along the way we passed about a half dozen coffee shops. It was a nice day and numerous couples were walking in the sun, pushing baby strollers and walking dogs. Like other beaches, the shoreline was rocky and the water was crystal clear. The difference between it and Kolovare beach that we saw yesterday, was that it had a number of wooden platforms to recline on around the rocky beach front. The area was pretty quiet on this February day but we could see signs of upcoming busyness—many restaurants, a campground near the beach, a youth hostel, and a huge hotel, the Falkensteiner.

I’ll tell you about two other observations before I tell you about the most unusual thing on the day. On our various walks over the past week, I have observed that men here wear black clothing. Black pants, shirts, shoes, jackets, and hats. It is very unusual to see men in any other color. As a good example of that, look at this picture that I took of men at a coffee shop.

Men in black

Secondly, there are many skilled, adventurous bicyclists in this area. Our 8-mile roundtrip walk was mostly parallel to a busy one-way road with a narrow lane that was shared by pedestrians and, often, bicyclists. Unfazed by the cars rounding corners, many young men (dressed in black) rode their bicycles in the midst of that traffic with no hands. They didn’t wear helmets either. I have not seen anyone with bicycle helmets since I have been here, not even children in baby seats on the back of bicycles. As an experienced bicyclist, I rarely ride with no hands and always hold onto the handlebars when I am near traffic. But these guys were skilled, confident, and undaunted by traffic.

Aside from those ordinary things, the most unusual thing that we saw today was The Sphinx of Zadar. Why is there a Sphinx in Zadar, you might logically wonder? Read the hyperlink to see why someone with too much money and time on his hands would build a sphinx in Zadar.

The Sphinx of Zadar