April 10-12: 85 interesting facts about Croatia and much more

This has been a quiet week. The weather is still cool and a bit rainy. So, I have mostly spent time inside preparing for upcoming lessons I will teach and reading. One site that I have been reading regularly months since before I even came to Croatia is Croatia Week (newsletter@croatiaweek.com). It is always filled with interesting facts about life in Croatia. I have found it to be quite interesting and it has also informed some of my travels.

Since we are expecting our first grandchild in May, I found this article to be interesting. I sent it to my son and daughter-in-law. I expect, though, that they have already selected a name.

See Most popular baby names in Croatia in 2021 revealed | Croatia Week to learn the most popular baby names in Croatia.

I have observed that many Croatian girls and women are quite tall. In fact, statistics show that they are. See Croatia among top 10 countries with tallest people in the world | Croatia Week.

If you like history, here is some interesting reading: What National Geographic wrote about Croatia 115 years ago | Croatia Week.

If you like food, you may find these articles to be interesting.

Croatian recipes: Octopus salad | Croatia Week

Croatian recipes: Krofna – Krafna | Croatia Week

Soparnik: Tasty traditional Croatian specialty | Croatia Week



Pileći ujušak (chicken soup)

Regardless of your interests, you are likely to find much interesting reading in “Croatia Week” just as I have.